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In the last 15 years, our consultants have worked on projects of all sizes with a wide range of clients in a wide range of industries.

From banking and financial services to mobile telecoms and new media, we have helped dozens of companies deliver real business value from their IT projects.

Covering projects from 100,000 to 100 million, from local offices to global networks, we have offered guidance and practical, hands-on input that has made a real difference.

Our expertise covers the entire IT lifecycle, and we have a uniquely joined-up perspective on the development process.

We have in-depth experience of:

  • Strategy

  • Performance Measurement

  • Project & Product Portfolio Management

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Business Modeling

  • Requirements Management

  • Systems Analysis & Design

  • Implementation

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Change & Configuration Management

  • Support & Maintenance

  • Legacy Systems & Re-engineering

  • Software Process Improvement

  • Agile Methods

  • Change & Transition Management

To find out more about our consulting services, call +44 208 715 2645 or email



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