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Use Cases

Before We Code - April 21st, Bletchley Park

Join Jason Gorman for a very special and exclusive training workshop aimed at business analysts, UI designers, architects and developers.

This workshop is quite unlike any you will have seen on business and system modeling, user interface design and acceptance testing, featuring four very unique and innovative techniques pioneered by Jason to overcome the shortcomings of traditional approaches.

This one-day course, in aid of Bletchley Park, will introduce you to hands-on, practical and pragmatic techniques for aligning your business goals with the design and implementation of your software systems. No UML or programming knowledge is required.

  Jason Gorman interviews the inventor of use cases, Ivar Jacobson, in the 2nd podcast

Use cases lie at the heart of many software development processes. In the Unified Software Development Process, Analysis and design is driven by use cases, as is project planning, testing and quality assurance, configuration management and architecture.

Anyone who works on object oriented and component-based software development projects needs to understand use cases and the role they play in use case-driven software projects.

This tutorial introduces the key concepts of use cases and use case-driven software development.

It's highly recommended that you also read the What is UML? e-Book if you are new to object oriented and use case-driven software development projects.

Use Cases - An Introduction (NEW)

Driving Development with Use Cases

Email or call +44 208 715 2645 to find out about Requirements Analysis using UML training and mentoring


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