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UML Tutorial

A Little Bit of UML (for Just Enough Design) - a very special one-off charity training workshop to celebrate 10 years of

Saturday August 17th, Bletchley Park. Tickets just 99.

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Over 1.2 million developers have learned to "parlez UML" using a UML tutorial on this site, making it the most popular UML tutorial on the Internet.

  Jason Gorman interviews the inventor of use cases, Ivar Jacobson, in the 2nd podcast
A brand new introduction to use cases that teaches the 20% of use case theory you'll need to know for 99% of projects
You can now get the UML for .NET Premium Package and the complete UML for Java slides for free.

Evolutionary Design for Agile Development

The presentation material used for the Delphi Developers Group


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UML explained in a language .NET developers already understand - C#







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