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Pragmatic Agile Coaching


Which is more important to you? Do you want to do eXtreme Programming or Scrum or DSDM by the book, or do you want to do the simplest things that will deliver the best results?

Our consultants have as much hands-on Agile experience as any you'll find in the best Orthodox Agile coaching companies. We add value by applying a much wider perspective, choosing to judge best practice by results rather than dogma.

Our proven expertise in key Agile practices like test-driven development, refactoring, continuous integration, adaptive planning, Agile testing, and evolutionary design is bolstered by a comprehensive background in the disciplines often overlooked by Agile teams, such as visual modeling, enterprise architecture, project portfolio management, measurement and metrics, and usability engineering.

While we're great at getting our hands dirty on code, we never lose sight of the bigger picture and have helped dozens of clients to align their business strategies with their IT projects in the most direct and practical ways possible.

if you want effective Agile Coaching without the preaching, call +44 208 715 2645 or email




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