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A Little Bit of UML (for Just Enough Design) - a very special one-off charity training workshop to celebrate 10 years of

Saturday August 17th, Bletchley Park. Tickets just £99.

UML for .NET Tutorial -

Available free to Yahoo! group members (see bottom of page for details)




UML explained in a language you already know - C#





This is an electronic product

UML training for people who deliver

Over the last 2 years, we have heard dozens of complaints about the way UML is taught with a heavy emphasis on analysis rather than delivery.

"I have been trying to grasp UML since the day I saw visual modeler inside visual studio.

I knew a few things but there were gaps... Thanks to you they have shrunk considerably"

Ambrish Shah, IT consultant

Most UML books and training courses stop far short of turning models into working code - despite the fact that 99% of the time that's exactly why we're using UML in the first place!

Typically, developers come away from training courses feeling frustrated and unsure as to how to apply UML on their projects.

Accelerated learning for C# developers

UML for .NET is specifically designed to speed up the learning process for developers by leveraging your existing knowledge of object oriented programming and component-based development in C# and .NET.

"I've read 2 books on UML and been on one course, but I never really 'got it' until I read UML for .NET. Illustrating everything with code examples makes a huge difference.

I can understand OCL - which I'd never even heard of before! I consider myself to be an advanced modeler now..."

Richard Mackie, Team Leader

Every tutorial is packed with code samples that show clearly and concisely how UML diagrams map onto C# code, making it quicker and easier to see what the diagrams really mean.

Simple processes get you from requirements to code

Unlike most UML training courses, UML for .NET teaches you a simple and effective object oriented development process that covers the entire journey from use cases to compiled and deployed .NET components.
More than the average UML training course

It also covers important aspects of modeling that are traditionally left out of training courses, like modeling the user experience and specifying business rules using the Object Constraint Language - critical if you plan to adopt Model-driven Architecture in the future.

"I am currently working on a team which in is the process of adopting RUP and UML standards and practices. I needed to look up some information and came across your site. Absolutely great! Most the information I've had questions about is contained within your tutorials and then some."

Adrian Gonzalez, Developer

Effective UML for any kind of project

Some UML courses are designed with a bias towards a particular methodology, like the Unified Process or Feature-driven Development. UML for .NET is method-agnostic. If you plan on using sophisticated modeling tools and round-trip code engineering, it will help you. If you plan on doing a bit of modeling at a whiteboard as part of an agile, lightweight process, it will help you too. Most importantly, it will help you to master the notation and use it effectively, whatever kind of process you plan to use it in.


  Use Case Diagrams
Model the users of the system and the goals they can achieve by using it
(sample) Class Diagrams
Model types of objects and the relationships between them
  Sequence Diagrams
Model how objects interact to achieve functional goals
  Object Diagrams
Model snapshots of the running system and show how actions change object state
  Activity Diagrams
Model the flow of use cases and single and multi-threaded code
  State Transition Diagrams
Model the behaviour of objects and event-driven applications
(sample) Implementation Diagrams
Model the physical components of a system and their deployment architecture
(sample) Packages & Model Management
Organise your logical and physical models with packages
(sample) Object Constraint Language
Model business rules and create unambiguous specifications
  User Experience Modeling
Design user-centred systems with UML
  Design Principles
Create well-designed software thatís easier to change and reuse
  Design Patterns
Apply proven solutions to common OO design problems
  The Object Oriented Development Process A simple, effective route from requirements to working code
  Practical Exercises & Solutions Worked examples stretch your modeling skills. Includes .NET project code.

The complete UML for .NET Premium Package is available free and exclusively to members of our Yahoo! group. To download your free copy, simply log in or join.


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