Introducing Team Craft, our newest learning experience.

Refined from a decade working with developers on technical team skills like:

Team Craft is a completely hands-on workshop that reaches the parts other workshops don't.

Over the course of the day, participants will design and deliver a working solution to a realistic real-world problem as a team.

From a standing start, they will:

The emphasis is on learning by doing, with a 45-minute introduction with key tips on how to succeed as a team, and ending with a 45-minute retrospective where we will draw out lessons learned in the 5-hour practical exercise.

We highly recommend this one-day workshop for new and established teams, as a way to refine their collaboration skills, and to build discipline in keeping their code always shippable - the foundation of Continuous Delivery.

You will need:

1. Minimum 6 people, maximum 12.

2. One suitable laptop per person.

3. The appropriate editor/IDE for your chosen programming language(s)

4. Internet access

5. A Github account for every contributor


Led By:

6-12 people

Jason Gorman

Workshop can be tackled in any mpodern programming language, but requires at least 2 attendees can use the same programming language for pairing. Please be advised, we do not provide training in the use of specific tools or frameworks.


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For more information, contact training@codemanship.com

Our training clients include Samsung, UBS, Elsevier, GameSys, BBC, Electronic Arts, Ordnance Survey, epiGenesys, Waters Plc, Channel 4, Sky, Goldman Sachs, Caplin Systems, Rabobank, Capital Group, Treyport, Higher Education Statistics Agency, AXA Swiftcover, XLN, Red Gate Software, 7Digital, Pinesoft, Canal Digital, Collinson Latitude, City Index and Siemens

1 day

Team Workshop



£2,495 (+ travel)



+44 208 715 2645

Team Craft

Tel: +44 208 715 2645, jason.gorman@codemanship.com, www.codemanship.com

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