Mar 2019

02nd Our Blog Has Moved

Feb 2019

20th A Tale of Two Agiles

19th When Should New Programmers Be Introduced To Code Craft?

16th S.O.L.I.D. functions

08th 10 Years of Codemanship

05th Evolutionary Design - What Most Dev Teams Get Wrong

Jan 2019

09th Team Craft - New Codemanship Workshop for 2019

Dec 2018

17th The Santa Present Delivery Route Optimisation Kata

10th The Gaps Between The Tools

09th Big Dependency Problems Lie In The Small Details

08th True Agile Requirements: Get It Wrong Quickly, Then Iterate

02nd Architecture: The Belated Return of Big Picture Thinking

Oct 2018

19th How Not To Use An ORM?

12th TDD Training - Part I (Classic TDD), London, Sat Dec 1st

06th Be The Code You Want To See In The World

01st 50% Off Codemanship Training for Start-ups and Charities

Sep 2018

28th Micro-cycles & Developing Your Inner Egg Timer

25th Third-Generation Testing - Øredev 2018, Malmö, November 22nd

24th Why I Throw Away (Most Of) My Customer Tests

Aug 2018

26th Yes, Developers Should Learn Ethics. But That's Only Half The Picture.

06th Agile Baggage

03rd Keyhole APIs - Good for Microservices, But Not for Unit Testing

Jul 2018

27th For Load-Bearing Code, Unleash The Power of Third-Generation Testing

05th The Grand Follies of Software Development

02nd Level 4 Agile Maturity

Jun 2018

29th .NET Code Analysis using NDepend

27th Team Craft

21st Adopting TDD - The Codemanship Roadmap

20th Design Principles Are The Key To A Testing Pyramid

10th Only This Week - Save Up To 65% On Codemanship Training

08th The Entire Codemanship TDD Course Book - Absolutely Free

May 2018

25th Ever-Decreasing Cycles - I Called It Right

Apr 2018

28th 8 Rules of Maintainable Code: A Handy Cut-Out-And-Keep Chart

11th The Foundation of a Dev Profession Should Be Mentoring

06th Could Refactoring (& Refuctoring) Help Us Test Claims About Benefits of Clean Code

Mar 2018

24th Code Craft: What Is It, And Why Do You Need It?

20th Why I Won't Take Automated "Hacker Tests" To Get Job Interviews

16th Lamenting the Golden Age of High-Integrity Software That Never Came

11th Proposing The xUnit "Meta-Kata"

09th S.O.L.I.D. C# - Online Training Event, Sat Apr 14th

07th C# Refactoring with Resharper - Live Online Training Workshop, March 17th

Feb 2018

04th Don't Bake In Yesterday's Business Model With Unmaintainable Code

01st BDD & Specification By Example - Where Did We Go Wrong?

01st A Bit of Old School BDD with NUnit & MS Excel

Jan 2018

26th Good Code Speaks The Customer's Language

23rd Without Improving Code Craft, Your Agile Transformation Will Fail

21st Delegating "Junior" Development Tasks. (SPOILER ALERT: It doesn't work)

20th 10 Classic TDD Mistakes

15th Refactoring to the xUnit Pattern

09th Test Granularity Matters. Ask Any Accountant.

07th Do Your Automated Tests Give You Confidence In Your Code?

04th The Impact of Fast-Running Unit Tests Can Be Profound

03rd Professionalism & the "Customer"

02nd It's ALL User Experience

01st New Year 2018 Special Offer - 50% off Unit Testing training

Dec 2017

31st New Year's Resolutions - Making High-Integrity Code & Automated Code Inspections Mainstream

30th TDD & "Professionalism"

17th Dev Teams As Assets

15th Code Reviews Are Just Another Kind Of Testing

07th "This would never have happened if we'd written it in Haskell" - Bah Humbug!

05th Automating Code Reviews

01st Don't Succumb To "Facebook Envy". Solve The Problem In Front Of You

Nov 2017

21st What Can We Learn About Dev Team Performance from Distributed System Design?

20th 10 Days Left to Book Half-Price TDD Training

19th Everything Else Is Details

07th Why Agile's Not For Me

06th Half-Price TDD Training - Special Offer

Oct 2017

31st Safer Duck Typing: Could We Have Our Cake & Eat It?

24th Don't Want to TDD? Don't TDD. Just Be Honest About Your Reasons

18th 12 Things a Professional Computer Programmer Needs to Learn

17th Manual Refactoring : Convert Static Method To Instance Method

16th Manual Refactoring : Dependency Injection

13th Time for the Chief Software Developer?

13th Manual Refactoring : Extract Superclass

12th Manual Refactoring : Extract Class

10th Manual Refactoring - Summary

10th Manual Refactoring : Move Instance Method

08th Manual Refactoring : Extract Method

08th Manual Refactoring : Introduce Parameter

08th Manual Refactoring : Inlining Complex Methods

07th Manual Refactoring : Inlining Variables & Methods

03rd Manual Refactoring : Introduce Field

03rd Manual Refactoring : Introduce Local Variable

02nd Manual Refactoring : Rename

Sep 2017

22nd Evil FizzBuzz (or "So you think you're a team?")

03rd Iterating is THE Requirements Discipline

Aug 2017

29th Putting .NET Unit Tests In The Same Project As Source Code (?)

21st Codemanship Code Craft FxCop Rules

19th Time For Learning - An Inconvenient Truth

17th Your House, Your (Code Quality) Rules

11th Update: Code Craft "Driving Test" FxCop Rules

09th Clean Code isn't a Programming Luxury. It's a Business Necessity

06th What *Exactly* Is "Feature Envy"?

01st Codemanship Code Craft Driving Test - Trial Run

Jul 2017

31st Codemanship Code Craft "Driving Test" - Code Quality Critera

30th Clean# - My Imaginary C# Compiler Extension

28th How To Backwards Compatibility (And Why For)

26th Gold Standard Teams do Continuous Inspection

22nd Code Analysis for Dependency Inversion

21st Calculating Reading Ease for Code

18th Why Don't We Eat Our Own Dog Food?

16th Developers & Employers Prefer to Connect Through Networks

15th Finding Load-Bearing Code - Thoughts On Implementation

13th Do You Know Where Your Load-Bearing Code Is?

10th Codemanship Bite-Sized - 2-Hour Trainng Workshops for Busy Teams

09th Why You Should Put Learning Opportunities Front-And-Centre In Dev Recruitment

06th Conceptual Correlation - Source Code + How To Build Your Own

05th A Little Test for My Conceptual Correlation Metric

05th Conceptual Correlation - Prototype Tool for .NET

04th Are We Only Pretending To Care About Cost of Change?

02nd Conceptual Correlation - A Working Definition

Jun 2017

25th Conceptual Correlation

20th Are.Fluent(Assertions).Really.Easier.To(Understand)?

10th Could You Be A Mentor To An Aspiring Software Developer?

05th The Codemanship TDD "Driving Test" - Initial Update

May 2017

30th Do You Write Automated Tests When You Spike?

30th 20 Dev Metrics - 20. Diversity

29th Software Craftsmanship 2017

22nd 20 Dev Metrics - 19. Progress

19th A Clean Code Language?

19th 20 Dev Metrics - 18. External Dependencies

18th 20 Dev Metrics - 17. Test Execution Time

17th 20 Dev Metrics - 16. Dev Pay Market Percentile

16th My Obligatory Annual Rant About People Who Warn That You Can Take Quality Too Far Like It's An Actual Thing That Happens To Dev Teams

13th "Test-Driven Development" - The Clue's In The Name

09th What Makes a Software Developer? The Rule of Two

08th How To Avoid The TDD Slowdown

06th Not All Test Doubles Make Test Code Brittle.

05th 20 Dev Metrics - 15. Backwards Compatibility

04th 20 Dev Metrics - 14. Interface Specificity

03rd 20 Dev Metrics - 13. Swappability of Dependencies

02nd 20 Dev Metrics - 12. Cohesion

Apr 2017

28th 20 Dev Metrics - 11. Coupling

27th 20 Dev Metrics - The Story So Far

26th 20 Dev Metrics - 10. Duplication

26th 20 Dev Metrics - 9. Readability

25th 20 Dev Metrics - 8. Test Assurance

24th 20 Dev Metrics - 7. Changes per Test Run

23rd The Win-Win-Win of Clean Code

23rd 20 Dev Metrics - 6. Complexity (Likelihood of Failure)

22nd 20 Dev Metrics - 5. Impact of Failure

21st 20 Dev Metrics - 4. Feature Usage

20th Still Time to Grab Your TDD 2.0 Tickets

20th 20 Dev Metrics - 3. Dev Effort Breakdown

19th 20 Dev Metrics - 2. Cost of Changing Code

18th 20 Dev Metrics - 1. Lead Time to Delivery

17th Do It Anyway

15th IT's Original Sin: Separating Authority & Expertise

Mar 2017

22nd Digital Strategy: Why Are Software Developers Excluded From The Conversation?

21st Poll Indicates Possibly Epic Brexit Brain Drain

12th Why Products Don't Matter To Tech Investors, But Hype Does

06th Start With A Goal. The Backlog Will Follow.

02nd 101 TDD Tips - Complete Series

Feb 2017

03rd Will The Travel Ban Hurt US Tech Conferences?

02nd 101 TDD Tips - #1-#80

Jan 2017

20th TDD 2.0 - London, May 10th

18th How Long Would Your Organisation Last Without Programmers?

14th Codemanship Alumni - LinkedIn Group

09th Last Call for TDD 2.0 - London, Wed-Fri

Dec 2016

28th The Best Software Developers Know It's Not All 'Hacking'

21st "Our Developers Don't Do Any Design". Yes They Do. They Have To.

19th Start The New Year With A TDD Skills Boost

08th What Do I Think of "Scaled Agile"?

Nov 2016

27th Software Craftsmanship is a Requirements Discipline

23rd 101 TDD Tips - #1 - #40

13th Think About Workflows Before You Think About Features

08th Business Benefits of Continuous Delivery: We Need Hard Data

06th Real Immersion is the Key to Understanding Your Customer's Needs

Oct 2016

29th How Do I Know a "Software Developer" When I See One?

28th What is a "Software Developer"?

26th 101 TDD Tips Digest

15th If Your Code Was Broken, Would You Know?

14th 101 TDD Tips, via @Codemanship

12th Evil FizzBuzz

12th TDD 2.0 - London, Jan 11th

11th Code Quality is a Requirements Issue

09th TDD 2.0 Launches

Sep 2016

30th Software Development Doesn't Scale. Dev Culture Does

29th The Afternoon I Learned to Fly a Plane

24th 10 Great Reasons to Learn TDD

13th 4 Things You SHOULDN'T Do When The Schedule's Slipping

08th Introduction to TDD - "Brown Bag" Sessions

06th Empowered Teams Can Make Decisions The Boss Disagrees With

Aug 2016

31st Slow Running/Unmaintainable Automated Tests? Don't Ditch Them. Optimise Them.

30th TDD 2.0 - Training Bookings & Book Preview

25th Employers: Don't Use GitHub Stats To Judge Developers

09th TDD 2.0 - London Saturday Oct 8th

Jul 2016

26th Seeking Guinea Pigs for TDD Book

23rd On The Compromises of Acceptance Test-Driven Development

17th Oodles of Free Legacy UML Tutorials

16th Taking Agile To The Next Level

12th It's Time Development Teams Chose Their Own Working Environments

12th Reminder: All Codemanship Training Bookings Half-Price in July

06th After Brexit, the UK Could Lose 1 in 3 Software Developers

02nd What Does Brexit Mean for UK Software Development?

May 2016

31st Squaring The Circle of "Tell, Don't Ask" vs. Test As Close To Implementation As Possible

25th How Many Bugs In Your Code *Really*?

23rd Experimental Draft Book Chapter - TDD-ing Integration Code

21st Classic TDD Mistake - Writing Design-Driven Tests

10th 60% Off Codemanship Intensive TDD 1-day Workshop

04th Scaling Kochō for the Enterprise

Apr 2016

30th Goals vs. Constraints

26th SC2016 Codemanship Stocking Filler Mini-Projects

26th Extra Spaces At Software Craftsmanship 2016 (London)

25th Mutation Testing & "Debuggability"

23rd Does Your Tech Idea Pass The Future Dystopia Test?

21st SC2016 Mini-Project: Connect Four Bot

20th A* - A Truly Iterative Development Process

19th SC2016 Mini-Project: Light-Speed Startup - A Serious Team Dojo

18th SC2016 Mini-Project: Code Risk Heat Map

15th You Can Tell A Lot About A Developer By What They're Like

15th The Rise & Rise Of Test-Driven Development

15th Compositional Coverage

12th SC2016 Mini-Project - Refactoring Golf

11th Intensive S.O.L.I.D. - London, Sat June 4th

09th Seeking Guinea Pigs For New Training Workshop on Property-Based Testing

07th "Business Value" - Software Develpoment's Own 'Godwin's Law'

07th Exceptions Are Not Events

Mar 2016

30th SC2016 Mini-project - Roll Your Own Mock Objects Framework

29th Unit Tests For Algorithm Time Complexity

24th The NPM Debacle: Programmers Don't Know Their Own Strength

21st Do We Want To be Musicians or Pop Stars?

20th Property-based Testing: Return of the Son of Formal Methods

18th In Praise of Autodidacts - The True Fuel of Software Development

16th One Place Left On Intensive TDD Workshop, Saturday, London

14th Composability - The Real Goal of S.O.L.I.D.

13th SC2016 Roll Your Own Unit Testing Framework - example implementation

05th SC2016 Mini-Project - Roll Your Own Unit Testing Framework

01st Test-driving "Invisible Work"

Feb 2016

26th 75% Of Us Think Software Developers Would Do Better Work In Small Partnerships

20th Software Craftsmanship 2016 (Atlanta)

19th Performance-Optimise Your Code From The Outside-In

16th Software Craftsmanship 2016 - London workshop open for registration

10th Two Good Reasons To Refactor To Parameterised Tests (Plus, How To Use Algorithmically Generated Test Data)

Jan 2016

20th Developer Archetypes #29: The Serial Monogamist

14th Intensive TDD Workshop, London Saturday March 19th

Dec 2015

19th The Multi-threaded Santa TDD Challenge

12th The "Just F**king Do It" Manifesto

Nov 2015

21st Getting Software Teams Back On Track

04th The X Factor-isation of Programming May Attract The Wrong Kids

Oct 2015

29th Software Developers: Are You Tired Of Unqualified People Telling You How To Do Your Job?

28th Focusing On Typing Speed Not Only Misses The Point, But Can Exclude Talented Developers

19th Software Craftsmanship 2016 - Would You Like To Host An Official Event Where You Are?

13th Widening The Goalposts By Asking "Why?"

01st Peeple: A Clear-Cut Case for When Developers Should Say "No"

Sep 2015

22nd Why Tech Entrepreneurs Need To Be Programmers

12th TDD Katas Too Easy For You? Try the Codemanship Team Dojo

11th Tests Should Test One Thing (?)

11th What Not To Do In a TDD Pair Programming Interview

05th Turning Non-Terminating JUnit Tests Into Failing Tests

Aug 2015

17th The Small Teams Manifesto

10th A Hierarchy Of Software Design Needs

10th Intensive TDD Workshop, London, Sat Oct 10th

07th Taking Baby Steps Helps Us Go Faster

03rd Refactoring Abstract Feature Envy

02nd Mocking Without Mocks - The Birth of JMicroMock

01st My First, Last & Only Blog Post About #NoEstimates

Jul 2015

31st Triangulating Your Test Code

09th The IT Manager, The Mythical Knight Shortage & The Thing That's Like A Sword, But Not As Good

Jun 2015

25th Mocks vs. Stubs - It Has Nothing To Do With The Implementation

20th If We're In Such High-Demand and Short Supply, Why Has Developer Pay Been Falling?

19th A 'Software Developer' Knows Enough To Deliver Working Software Alone, And In Teams

09th Focus On What The Users Care About, Not What The System Cares About

May 2015

27th Intensive TDD Workshop, London, Sat July 18th

26th Ditch The Backlog and Start Iterating!

13th Working Backwards From Test Assertions

Apr 2015

25th Non-Functional Tests Can Help Avoid Over-Engineering (And Under-Engineering)

25th Continuous Inspection Screencast

23rd The Big Giant Object Oriented Analysis & Design Blog Post

17th Generating Domain-Driven Design 'Name Palettes' Using Tag Clouds

15th Reality-Driven Development - Do We Need To Train Ourselves To Tune Into Real-World Problems?

08th Reality-driven Development - Creating Software For Real Users That Solve Real Problems In the Real World

06th Acceptance Tests - The Difference Between Outcomes & Implications Of Outcomes

04th Why Software Craftsmanship Needs To Stop Worrying About The Colour Of The Bike Shed & Focus On The Big Issues

02nd "It Works" Should Mean "It Works In the Real World"

Mar 2015

27th Component-based & Microservice Architecture: Swappability Happens On The Client Side

19th Requirements 2.0 - Make It Real

19th Requirements 2.0 - Ban Feature Requests

11th Distributed Architecture - "Swappability" Is Enabled On The Client Side, Not The Server

05th Public Workshop - Intensive Advanced Unit Testing, Sat May 9th, London

01st Continuous Inspection at NorDevCon

Feb 2015

17th Clean Code is a Requirements Discipline

13th Intensive TDD, Continuous Inspection Recipes & Crappy Remote Collaboration Tools

09th Mock Abuse: How Powerful Mocking Tools Can Make Code Even Harder To Change

04th Why Distribution & Concurrency Can Be A Lethal Cocktail For The Unwitting Dev Team

02nd Stepping Back to See The Bigger Picture

02nd What's The Problem With Static Methods?

Jan 2015

30th It's True: TDD Isn't The Only Game In Town. So What *Are* You Doing Instead?

26th Intensive Test-driven Development, London, Saturday March 14th - Insanely Good Value!

21st My Solution To The Dev Skills Crisis: Much Smaller Teams

16th Can Restrictive Coding Standards Make Us More Productive?

07th Do Matchers Really Make Test Code Easier To Understand?

06th Example Random Parameterised Unit Tests With JCheck

04th Real-world Examples of Polymorphic Testing

03rd The Software We Create Must Meaningfully Handle All The Inputs It Allows

02nd The Unimportant Code That Turned Out To Be Critical

01st Polymorphic Testing & A Pattern For Backwards Compatibility Checking

Dec 2014

29th New for 2015 - Advanced Unit Testing Training Course

19th Software Build Quality - Why Are We Still Not Building It Right?

18th A Simple "Trick" For Getting More Bang From Your Unit Test Bucks

17th Implicit Contracts - A Simple Technique For Code Inspections

10th Make It Real

Nov 2014

29th Automated Refactoring Tools Don't Exempt Us From Re-testing

27th S.T.O.L.I.D. OO Design Principles

25th Continuous Inspection II - Planning & Executing CInsp

22nd Continuous Inspection I - Why Do We Need It?

19th In 2015, I Are Be Mostly Talking About... Continuous Inspection

06th Personal Craftsmanship Coaching Sessions To Raise Money To Feed People In Need This Winter

Oct 2014

24th Refactoring Is Dead (Hard)

23rd Software Craftsmanship 2015 - Registration Page Preview

23rd Won't Someone Please Think Of The Software?!

16th Dear Aunty Jason, I'm An Architect Who Wants To be Relevant Again...

15th Software Craftsmanship 2015. Yes, You Heard Right.

08th Programming Well (Part II)

07th Programming Well Part I - A Basic Guide For Students & Teachers

04th How I Deal With "Bugs" On Payment-On-Results Projects

Sep 2014

29th Code Inspections: A Powerful Testing Tool

28th Software Development Isn't Just Programming

25th Functional Programming Is Great. But It Ain't Magic.

17th The 4 C's of Continuous Delivery

16th Why We Iterate

13th What Is Continuous Inspection, Anyway?

12th Exothermic vs. Endothermic Change - Why Coaches Should Be A Match, Not The Sun

12th Exothermic vs. Endothermic Change - Why Coaches Should Be A Match, Not The Sun

11th Code Metrics, Continuous Inspection & What We Should Tell The Boss

08th Iterating Is Fundamental

Aug 2014

19th Programming In Schools - My Final Word (Honest!)

12th TDD is TDD (And Far From Dead)

Jul 2014

31st My Top 5 Most Under-used Dev Practices

29th Please Support #DevConDebut & Help Us Bring New Voices Into Software Development

28th More Rage On ORM Abuses & How I Do It

27th Object-Relational Mapping Should Be Felt & Not Seen

16th What Level Should We Automate Most Of Our Tests At?

09th What Problem Does This Solve?

Jun 2014

23rd What's My Problem With Node.js?

15th A Hippocratic Oath for Software Developers - What Would Yours Be?

13th Real Long-Term Apprenticeships In The UK - We Found One!!! Are There More Like This?

12th Next Public Test-driven Development Course, London July 19th

08th Reliability & Sustaining Value Are Entirely Compatible Goals

May 2014

30th From Where We're Standing, "Perfect" And "Good Enough" Are The Same Destination

27th Don't Say "Junior", Say "Trainee"

14th 5 Years Of Codemanship

11th When Really To Use Mocks? First Ask: "What Are Mocks?"

Apr 2014

11th Reliable Everyday Software London, May 15th

08th When Might We Use Algorithms To Calculate Expected Test Answers?

05th Why It's Better To Start With A Test

Mar 2014

21st Software Correctness - How For & Why They?

17th Blind Pair Programming Interviews - Early Experience Report

13th Waterfall, Reality Avoidance & People Who Say "No"

11th Bring The Boss - London, May 8th

08th Blind Developer Interviews Through Anonymised Remote Pairing - An Experiment

Feb 2014

25th Why Code Inspections Need To Be Egalitarian

24th Why Development Teams Need To Be Egalitarian

19th Programming Laws & Reality (& Why Most Teams Remain Flat Earthers)

18th TDD, Architecture & Non-Functional Goals - All Of These Things Belong Together

14th Seeking London Venue for Monthly "High-Integrity Thursday Club" Meet-up

13th Computing For Kids - Three Of The Best Non-Profits

12th The Erosion Of The Status Of Software Developers As Professionals

11th My World-Famous Test-driven Development Kitchen Design Metaphor

07th Year Of Code & The Myth Of The Programmer Shortage

04th Five Tips For Software Customers

02nd Announcing Codemanship Developer Suite - Architect Edition

Jan 2014

31st Programming & Sausages 2014

30th Software Design: Stick To The Story

30th Next Public TDD Workshop, London March 22nd

27th Coverage!!!

20th Rain Dances For Start-ups

20th What is Customer-Driven Development, Anyway?

19th Customer-driven Development: How Our Dev Tools Forget The *Other* Team Member

09th Seeking Volunteers To Mentor Undergraduate Apprentices

08th Why Government Should Treat Software Development As A Planning Activity

07th The Distributed Tic-Tac-Toe Kata

04th What is Nonovation?

03rd [screencast] Triangulation in Test-driven Development

Dec 2013

15th SCREENCAST: Using Extract Superclass to extract a class with fields & methods

11th Don't Just Eat Your Own Dog Food. BE THE DOG.

10th Government Is The Wrong Customer For A Software Project

09th Start Development As One Team

06th Manual Refactoring - The Importance Of Discipline

Nov 2013

20th Retro Programming

14th New Screencast - Test-driven Object Oriented Design

12th The Tail Wagging The Dog - Why You Should Start With Examples

Oct 2013

21st Software Craftsmanship 2013 Will Be The Last

17th Intenstive Test-driven Development, London Dec 7th

14th 101 Uses For Polymorphic Testing (Okay... Three)

Sep 2013

21st Duplicated Test Code & High Coupling

18th My TDOOD Session at Software Craftsmanship 2013

Aug 2013

23rd Software Ideas & Their Tendency Towards Ubiquity

22nd Published Interfaces & Common Courtesy

12th Usefulness Testing!

09th The Trouble With OO Design...

Jul 2013

31st Software Craftsmanship 2013

18th FuzzBizzing Your Customer

12th PRO TIP: Iterative Design Is A Goal-Seeking Process

09th Why You Should Learn TDD Before You Use It In Anger

08th The Key To Agile UI Design Is User Interface Refactoring

04th A Little Bit Of UML (for Just Enough Design)

May 2013

17th Straw Man TDD

15th How Can You Attract And Retain Great Developers?

15th Legacy Code Without Automated Tests Is Not An Excuse For Less Rigour

10th Making The Untestable Testable With Mocks - Resist Temptation To Bake In A Bad Design

05th Music By Programmers - Week #1 Update

Apr 2013

29th Music By Programmers - Help Start A Programming Club

19th Dark Life & New Ways Of Seeing

06th Science & Software

Mar 2013

20th Music By Programmers Release Date, April 29th

09th Music By Programmers - Raising Money To Educate New Programmers

07th Intenstive Test-driven Development, London April 20th

Feb 2013

13th TDD & Mocks - Working Backwards From Expectations

10th Parameterising Unit Tests Without Framework Support

Jan 2013

20th The Mysterious Art Of Triangulation

12th The World-Famous Legacy Code Singleton Fudge

Dec 2012

23rd Lowering The Bar Is Not The Answer

Nov 2012

21st The Budgetary Autonomy Coefficient & Why You Should Treat Developers As Partners, Not Employees

21st Who's Afraid Of Legacy Code?

12th Scorecards for Business Angels?

06th Michael Feathers' Code History Mining Workshop, Jan 14

Oct 2012

28th Refactoring Legacy Code #2 - Making Web Apps More Unit-Testable

27th Refactoring Legacy Code #1 - Making Classes Unit-Testable

Sep 2012

25th Revisiting Unified Principles of Dependency Management (In Lieu Of 100 Tweets)

25th Programming Outside Of School: Time To get Our S**t Together?

16th Are Woolly Definitions Of "Success" At The Heart Of Software Development's Thrall To Untested Ideas?

13th We Can Learn A Lot About Collaborative Design From Aardman

04th London Global Day of Code Retreat is Not a Code Retreat

02nd Teachers, Please Don't Start Kids On SQL. kthxbye.

Aug 2012

29th Global Day of Code Retreat - Open For Registration

28th Apes With Hobbies - Breakfast On Europa EP Preview

28th Global Day Of Code Retreat, Dec 8th

22nd Intensive Refactoring Workshop, London, Oct 20th

17th Software Apprenticeships Summit, Sept 20th

14th I Was Worried About Apprenticeships. Now I'm Resolved.

07th Back To Basics as a PDF

06th Back To Basics - Hype-free Principles For Software Developers

06th Back To Basics #11 - To Learn, We Must Be Open To Change

06th Back To Basics #10 - Grow Complex Software Using The Simplest Parts

06th Back To Basics #9 - Automate The Donkey Work

05th Back To Basics #8 - Interfaces Are For Communicating

04th Back To Basics #7 - Software That Can't Be Put To Use Has No Value

04th Back To Basics #6 - Prevention Is (Usually) Cheaper Than Cure

03rd Back To Basics - Hype-free Principles For Software Developers #1-#5

03rd Back To Basics #5 - Communicating Is The Principal Activity

02nd Back To Basics #4 - Do The Important Stuff First

02nd Back To Basics #3 - Software Development Is A Learning Process

02nd Back To Basics #2 - Close Customer Involvement Is Key

02nd Back To Basics #1 - Software Should Have Testable Goals

Jul 2012

27th Great Software Ideas #4751 - Eat Your Own Dog Food

26th Empirical Design & Testing In The Wild

10th Software Apprentices Will Need Insights, Not Buzzwords

08th Testing The Testers - A Vague Hiring Process.

Jun 2012

18th Summer Madness! Intensive, Budget-friendly TDD Master Class for £99

16th Team Dojo & Team Craftsmanship

16th Software Craftsmanship 2012 - Thank You

10th Software Craftsmen Raise £15,000 For Bletchley Park

10th Late Night Thoughts On "It Works For Me"

07th Computer Science & Software Development Survey Results

05th SC2012 Schedule Announced

May 2012

31st Let's Not Call It "Computer Science" If We Really Mean "Computer Programming"

07th Team Katas. Like, Y'Know, Katas For Teams

Apr 2012

30th SC2012 Will Be My Last. Could SC2013 Be Your First?

27th Let Me Through, I'm A Software Engineer!

25th Entrepreneurial Programming - The Sixty Four Challenge

25th New Screencast - TDD As If You Meant It

22nd Towards A More Empirical Understanding of The Effects of TDD (That Really Matter)

20th Digital Future - I Find It Hard To Mourn The Loss Of The "Rock Star"

19th Enough With The Movements! Movements Are Stupid.

09th Stop Chasing Exit Strategies And Start Chasing Great Software

Mar 2012

31st Programming For Kids & Social Mobility

28th Announcing A Powerful New Framework - Programming Language

22nd DIY Codemanship Coding Dojo Kit

07th But What About Your OTHER Code?

05th Codemanship's Coding Dojo World Tour (Of London)

05th The Life & Works Of Alan Turing - Display Funded By SC2012

03rd Ethical Shopping - Gamification I Could Get Behind

Feb 2012

29th The Maturity Model Maturity Model (MMMM)

24th Agile Design - How A Bit Of Informal Visual Modeling Can Save A Heap Of Heartache

21st SC2012 - Resources on Data Structures & Algorithms

20th Software Craftsmanship 2012 - Open For Registration

19th My Name's Jason Gorman, And I'm A Computer Programmer

17th Kids - You Don't Need Anyone's Permission To Learn To Program

15th 101 Programming Projects (for Schools & Kids)

01st ICT500 - Finding & Nurturing The 0.1% Who Could Be Great Software Developers

Jan 2012

28th Non-functional Test-Driven Development

24th Jason's Handy Guide To Evaluating Software Packages

16th New Bletchley Park CEO, And A Tribute To Simon Greenish

14th What Can We Learn From Dream Theater's Drummer Auditions About Hiring Great Software Developers?

13th TDD Is Neither Necessary Nor Sufficient For Good Design

07th TDD & Binary Search II - A Divide-And-Conquer Test List

06th TDD & Binary Search - Not As Easy As I'd Thought

Dec 2011

30th Why Evidence And Reason Haven't Changed Software Development

29th SC2012 - Computer Science For Software Craftsmen

18th Leadership Without Leaders

14th Google To Donate £550,000 To Bletchley Park

11th Beyond The "Cutting Edge"

11th Beyond Fashions & Fads

01st Women In Computing - The Potential Negative Effects Of Positive Discrimination

Nov 2011

13th The Version Substitution Principle

11th Check Backwards Compatibility Using Versioned Tests

06th The Test-driven Development Maturity Model

Oct 2011

20th C's Grandad, Spies, Women & Booze at the 2011 ACCU Bletchley Park Autumn Lectures

15th SoftAid for Bletchley Park - Let's Claim Hut 6 For The Software Community!

11th We Cannot Afford To Underinvest In UK Computing

09th Agile .NET 2011 Announcement

09th Programmers Who Don't Need To Write Tests. Yeah, Right. Pull The Other One!

05th Bletchley Park Wins £4.6M Lottery Funding & Calls To Action To Raise Remaining £1.7M

Sep 2011

25th Apes With Hobbies - Free Debut Album

20th Don't Sell Your Customer Short With Code Quackery

18th Educating Programmers Summit - Summary & HD Videos

07th The Right Way To Do Code Reviews Is Not To Do Code Reviews

Aug 2011

28th A Blog Post For Your Kids - Why I'm Very Glad I Learned To Program

27th Educating Programmers - See, I Told You It Was Important

18th Apprenticeships - Employers Must Get Past Degree Snobbery

16th Michelin Star for Software Development

08th Can Old Codgers Still Code?

Jul 2011

31st Clean Code Helps Prevent Bugs

30th Using Tests To Debug Your Business

15th Heath Robinson User-Created Features

12th As the Customer, You Can Make Agility Happen

Jun 2011

29th Programming Teacher-Practitioner Exchange - Seeking Volunteers

27th Continuous Delivery is a Platform for Excellence, Not Excellence Itself

20th Weekend TDD Master Class - London, July 23-24

17th More On User Experience Design - UX Testing, Heuristics & Optimisation

16th New Forward For People Reading My Java OCL Tutorial

15th Slow & Dirty - A Rant (slides from SPA2011)

13th TDD From Hell At SPA2011

May 2011

30th Educating The Next Generation of Programmers - Time For Practitioner Power?

27th Software Craftsmanship 2011 - Thanks & Thoughts

24th Software Craftsmanship 2011 - Last Minute Updates

20th User Interface Design Is About Speaking The User's Language

19th Check Under The Bonnet Before You Buy A Used Tech Start-Up

19th Agile Design Workshop - Telling User Stories With Pictures

06th "Sufficient Design" - Something To Aspire To For The 99% Of Us Who Aren't Even Capable Of That

05th Why Are There More Job Openings On Overstaffed Teams And Behind-Schedule Projects? It's Just Statistical.

03rd Please Support Astrid Byro As She Climbs Everest for Bletchley Park

Apr 2011

29th Agile In The Public Sector

05th Business Value, Hitler & Other Lame Ways Of Winning Debates

04th On The Subject Of "Value"

02nd The Dependable Dependencies Principle - Draft Paper

02nd Spring Is In The Air

01st Agile Social Media & Digital Economy 2011

Mar 2011

30th Visual Models Are Useful, Especially In Those Early Stages

25th "But TDD Doesn't Guarantee Defect-Free Code..."

23rd Gorman Metrics - Unifying OO Design Metrics At Class & Package Level

16th Code Lab - TDD vs. Non-TDD

12th [screencast] Codemanship Refactoring Assault Course - Take 2

11th Software Craftsmanship Code Lab

10th Codemanship Refactoring Assault Course [screencast]

07th "But What If We're Building The Wrong Thing?", And Other Lame Excuses For Writing Shitty Code

Feb 2011

28th Session Idea For SC2011 - Run An Experiment

20th Start-Ups Must One Day Become Stay-Ups

18th SC2011 - 24 Tickets Remaining

18th Just One Of those Things...

16th Let The Rubber Meet The Road - Software Design Turns Out Better When Informed By Users

16th SC2011 - Last Day For Pre-Registration

14th Tickets For SC2011 Go On General Sale Feb 17th

13th Software Development Team Top Trumps

13th Manifesto for Agile Software Developers

12th Customers: Demand Certainty About What IS, Not What Might Be

11th Codemanship presents... Design By Contract Meets TDD

11th Codemanship presents... Habits For Effective Refactoring

11th Sell The Benefits, Not The Practices

10th Software Craftsmanship - We Need To Raise Our Game

Jan 2011

23rd What The Architect Saw

23rd Before We Code - Training In Aid Of Bletchley Park, Apr 21

22nd Codemanship presents... Test-driven UI Design

22nd SC2011 Media Partners

21st Codemanship presents... Classic TDD vs. London School

18th Refactoring Master Class Jan 29-30 - Reminder

15th Enough With The Software Holy Wars!

15th The Illusion Of Control - Beware Consultants Selling Lucky Pants

13th Software Craftsmanship 2011 Call For Sessions

12th Why Software Craftsmanship Is Not Just About "Beautiful Code"

08th H.O.R.I.D.D. Design Principles For Refuctoring

07th Classic TDD or "London School"?

Dec 2010

30th Codemanship Presents TDD From Hell

29th Software Craftsmanship Events In January

27th Software Craftsmanship At The BBC - Case Study & Background

25th Finally, A True Measure Of Agility!

23rd The Software Craftsmanship Imperative

21st How Can We Offer Training At Low Prices?

20th A Proposed Grading Structure For Programming Practices

18th I'm Wary Of The Personal Truths Of The Agile Tree-Huggers

17th Pre-Register For Software Craftsmanship 2011

15th Time To Look Seriously At Software Developer Apprenticeships

10th One More Day To Catch Codemanship Training Early Bird Offer

09th SC2010 presents Designer Code with Chris Parsons, Jan 6th, London

08th Issues & Temporary Training Page

05th Codemanship Presents "Tell, Don't Ask"

03rd Last Chance To See... Codemanship Master Classes

02nd NOTICE! Refactoring Golf is Cancelled Due To The Weather/Travel Conditions

Nov 2010

30th Codemanship Training Early Bird Offer Ends In 10 Days

24th Codemanship Presents S.O.L.I.D. - Dependency Inversion

23rd Undo-ability Is The Key

22nd Nothing Killed Waterfall. It Evolved Into Half-Arsed Agile.

22nd Survey on Formal & Agile Methods Experience

19th Bug In Mutation Testing Example & TDD Misconceptions

16th Codemanship Presents S.O.L.I.D. - Interface Segregation

13th A Short Rant About Generating Tests From Code

11th A Chain Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link

09th Codemanship Training Workshops in Jan & Feb 2011

09th SC2010 presents Refactoring Golf - Dec 2nd

07th Codemanship Presents S.O.L.I.D. - Liskov Substitution

06th Codemanship Presents S.O.L.I.D. - Open-Closed

05th Consider Mutation Testing. No, Seriously.

01st Hiring A Pianist

Oct 2010

29th Continuous Deployment & Evolving The User Experience

29th Craftsmanship Matters

26th SC2010 Redux - Refuctoring Master Class, London Nov 4th

23rd Winter Master Classes Almost Sold Out

22nd The Rewards For Mastery

15th Life Is The 5th State Of Matter

15th Why I Don't Sell TDD or Refactoring

13th Codemanship Master Classes for Winter 2010

12th Software Craftsmanship 2010 - View From A Train

01st We Emulate Management Consultants At Our Peril

Sep 2010

29th Two Potentailly Interesting Kata Ideas & "Real-World" TDD

26th SC2010 Programme Published

20th What's The "Answer", Jason?

20th Retweeting Myself

11th Anaerobic Software Development

10th Software Craftsmanship North America

08th Is It Wise To Turn Your Best Programmers Into Managers?

08th People Who Make Software Happen

07th Coding 'Til You Drop Gets The Thumbs-Down

06th Rock S.O.L.I.D. Sept 16th

06th "Ah, But What About Interface Segregation?" I Hear you Cry

05th Reused Abstractions Principle (RAP)

05th A Job For Programmers

02nd Its Not How Fast we Deliver, It's How Fast We Learn

01st Session Inspirations for SC2010

Aug 2010

29th Donate One Day's Pay To Bletchley Park

24th Express Yourself In Code: Seeking Session Leaders for SC2010

20th [Video] Rock S.O.L.I.D. - S is for Single Responsibility

20th OO Design Principles In Practice

13th SC2010 Session Leaders

13th Rock S.O.L.I.D. OO Master Class In Aid Of Bletchley Park

10th Software Craftsmanship 2010 Is Full

10th Eden Development Sponsors Software Craftsmanship 2010

09th Just 14 Places Left At SC2010

07th Long, Complicated Method. Guess What It Does?

02nd SC2010 Tickets Selling Fast

01st Codemanship Presents Test-driven Development

Jul 2010

30th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Lazy Classes Part II

29th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Lazy Classes (Part I)

20th Register For Software Craftsmanship 2010

19th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Inappropriate Intimacy

16th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Switch Statements

15th Amazing Value Offer Ends Tomorrow - 2,400-worth of Software Craftsmanship Training For Under 400

15th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Data Clumps

14th The Customer Holds The Key To The City of Agile

14th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Data Classes

14th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Long Parameter Lists

13th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Feature Envy

12th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Comments

12th Object Oriented Design Master Class, London Aug 21-22

11th Bonus Code Smell Of The Week - Divergent Change (Clean Separation)

11th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Divergent Change

10th Give it a bloody REST!

09th This Week I Have Been Mostly Saving Bletchley Park

07th Boffoonery! Out Now on Amazon and iTunes

Jun 2010

30th Early Bird Offer For TDD Master Class, July 17-18

26th Codemanship's Bonus Code Smell Of The Week - Subtle Message Chains

26th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Message Chains

26th TDD master Class July 17-18 Early Bird Offer

21st Budget-friendly Refactoring Master Class, London July 24-25

20th Bonus Code Smell Of The Week - Duplication II : Copy & Paste Inheritance

20th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Duplicate Code (Part I)

17th Codemanship's Code Smell Of The Week - Long Methods

14th Codemanship Academy Alumni - I Salute You

09th Budget-friendly Weekend TDD master class, Early Bird Special Offer

04th It's Official. Budget/Schedule-friendly TDD Masterclass in London, July 3-4

01st Budget-Friendly Weekend Masterclasses in TDD, Refactoring and OO Design for Summer 2010

May 2010

20th With So Many More Cameras Looking, Shouldn't We Have Proof Of Flying Saucers By Now?

19th Another Rant About Reinventing The Wheel And Against Yet More Navel-Gazing

08th Mastering Refactoring & Clean Code Through Peer Group Learning & Assessment

01st Boffoonery! Audio Update

Apr 2010

27th Gorman's Law

24th Software Is Both Art & Science. Can We Move On Now?

17th I Have A Dirty Secret. I'm A Software Craftsman

Mar 2010

31st Software Craftsmanship 2010 - Date, Venue & Price

30th Training 4 Bletchley - Peer Group Learning & Assessment Workshop, Bletchley Park, Sept 16th

25th Would You Give Up One Day's Pay To Help Bletchley Park?

22nd Join My UK Institute of Software Development. Or Don't. Whatever.

09th QCon London Slides & Notes

Feb 2010

25th If You Want Things Done Right, Manage Yourselves

24th Code Metrics Show Convincing Picture Of Impact Of Peer-based Craftsmanship Coaching

20th When Does "Delivered" Not Mean Delivered?

19th SC2010 Audition Video - Refactoring Golf

15th Software Craftsmanship 2010 Will Still Be in 2010 - But A Bit Later Than Originally Planned

15th Wheel-driven Reinvention

Jan 2010

08th First Auditions For Software Craftsmanship 2010 Point The Way

Dec 2009

30th Celebrate The New Year With Some Rubbish Demos I Recorded In 2009

15th Value Is Not The Opposite Of Waste: Why I Don't Buy Into Process Improvement

10th Seeking Coaches For Software Craftsmanship 2010

Nov 2009

26th FizzBuzz Java TDD Example Feedback

21st Auditioning For Software Craftsmanship 2010

16th A Little Practice Can Put You Head & Shoulders Above The Rest

15th Skepticism Is What Software Development Needs Now

12th Our Goal Is To Minimise Coupling Between Classes. Not To Eliminate Getters And Setters.

10th Scrum or Kanban? Pick One And Get On With Delivering Quality Code!

10th Boffoonery On BBC Radio 5 Live

06th The Big Post-Show Boffoonery Blog Post

05th Supercrush by Devin Townsend...

Oct 2009

27th If You Really Need An Architect To Make The Code Good, Sack The Rest Of The Team

17th So You Think You're "Refactoring"?

Sep 2009

30th Performance Metrics Often Hide The Reality From Managers

23rd Marketing Codemanship: What Search Terms Do I Pick?

21st Be First To Hear When Boffoonery! Audio Download Is Available

12th Derren Brown's Lottery Trick - Damp Squib

12th Agile & Formal Methods in Latest Edition Of Computer Magazine

11th Standing Room At Boffoonery!

08th Looks Like Boffoonery! Has Sold Out

07th Anti-Competitive Trend Is Worrying

03rd Bletchley Park 70th Anniversary & Getting Our Priorities Straight

Aug 2009

21st What Makes Social Networks Grow Also Kills Them

18th Boffoonery! Almost Sold Out. Help Us To Finish The Job!

14th Boffoonery! Article on

13th More Showing. More Doing. Less Talking. SC2010 Aspirations

12th Boffoonery! Tickets On Sale Now. Stephen Fry Lends His Support Via Twitter.

09th Final Year Software Engineering Projects Suggest Pitifully Low Standards

09th Macs Are Better (Because They Suck)

02nd Boffoonery! - How You Can Help

Jul 2009

31st Boffoonery! News

24th How Many SEO's Are Also Homeopaths?

23rd My Entry In Software Craftsmanship Wandering Book Thingummyjig

22nd Democracy's Fundamental Flaw

19th Is "Digital Britain" Report A Faux Geek Charter?

18th A Doing Word

09th RFP for Software Crapmanship 2009

07th Screen Captures Hold Key To Raising Your Game

07th Agent-based Model Shows That Promoting The Most Competent Harms Organisations

01st Boffoonery! Comedy Benefit For Bletchley Park. London, Nov 3rd.

01st Software Craftsmanship Is Not Rolling Stone

Jun 2009

27th Dear I'd Like To Work In Computing, But I Have No Technical Skills

21st Free Pencil & Paper UML Trial Edition

13th Agile Coaching Book Out Soon

11th Software Craftsmanship North America, August 26th, Chicago

09th Software Craftsmanship 2010 Straw Poll

May 2009

26th Devin Townsend's Ki

22nd Government Shirks Funding Responsibility For Bletchley Park. Down To Us, Then.

18th EU Proposes Consumer Protection Against Buggy Games

14th Design Principles Finally Coming Into Fashion In The .NET Community (Hurrah!)

14th Will Poor Software Craftsmanship In Breath Test Kit Lead To Acquittal?

12th Blog Post on About Stephen Fry's Visit To Bletchley Park

11th Bletchley Park News

Apr 2009

30th Codemanship Is Coming

23rd Software Craftsmanship: We Care. We Learn. We Practice. We Share.

19th How Are Kids Learning To Program These Days?

16th Is Twitter Dead?

16th Twitter Re-Educates Me On "Value"

14th Make Roles Explicit: Another Brand New Idea From the Distant Past

11th Software Craftsmanship - Let's Lead By Example, Not Rule By Decree

11th Being Skeptical About Metrics != Dismissing All Metrics

08th SPA2009, SC2010, Carpool & General Nonsense

07th SPA2009 Session Practical - Scalable.NET Design Reviews Using Automated Code Analysis

Mar 2009

22nd Physicist Tests Journal of Cultural Studies - Finds Relativism Gone Mad!

18th The Movement Formerly Known As "Software Craftsmanship"

14th Applied Software Craftsmanship - Shall We Walk The Walk This Time? UPDATED (AGAIN)

07th Craftsmen vs. Consultants - How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

06th My Lovely But Still Overdue SC2009 Summary

06th Software Craftsmanship 2009 Follow-Up

Feb 2009

28th Software Craftsmanship 2009 Vox Pops UPDATED

28th Burn The Perfectionist!

22nd Camp Scrum

22nd Scrum Is To Software Development...

20th Love Isn't... Moving Office Without Telling You!

18th Computer Programming vs. Software Development

17th Contracts Obtained By Threats

17th Are We No Better Than Those UFO Nuts? The Case for a Software "Enlightenment"

15th If You Want To Be Truly Agile, Work On Your Developer Fitness

08th Is Fearne Cotton The Worst Twittizen?

07th In Defence of Bob and Kent

07th Spurious ID Theft Statistics?

05th Twittizenship - A Metric-In-Progress

05th Mathematical Illiteracy In The USA - A Startling Illustration by Verizon Employees

04th Stephen Fry Boosts Bletchley Park Campaign Through Twitter

03rd Social Media Goes Realtime

01st Fermi's Paradox & Other Scientific Conceits UPDATED

Jan 2009

31st Send Me Your Nominations for Algorithms That Changed The World

28th Why Refactoring Is Like Snooker - UPDATED

25th Reminder - Blogging For Bletchley, The Counting House, Tuesday Jan 27th

25th My TDD Might Reduce Procrastination

23rd Jon Stewart on "Values"

20th Are Dynamic Languages The New Black (Again)?

20th Blogging For Bletchley - Meeting in London, Tues Jan 27th

19th 8 yr Old Boy Gets Microsoft Certification

18th Hard Work & Practice In Programming - Article Link

13th Long-term Peer-led Learning - Getting Into Good Habits

12th Disciplined Troubleshooting

10th Should UI Design Come Last?

08th I'm On Twitter

08th Software Craftsmanship 2009 Programme Announced

08th Does Johnny Ball Support Intelligent Design?

07th Kidnap Avoidance Expert Gets Kidnapped in Mexico

02nd XDepend - Like NDepend, But For Java

Dec 2008

27th Time Passing

27th Second SC2009 Sessions Preview

25th Merry Xmas - In A Rational, Secular Kind Of Sense

23rd Dependencies & The "Credit Crunch"

22nd OCL is a dead language. Universities: stop wasting time teaching it.

21st SC2009 - Registration Re-Opened

17th Job Alert - City, London. Senior Agile .NET Developers Required

17th SC2009 - First Session Confirmed

14th Confirming Your Place At Software Craftsmanship 2009

11th Software Craftsmanship 2009 - 3 Weeks Left To submit Your Session Proposal

11th Inversion of Control Is More Common Than You Think

08th It Takes More Than A Few Weeks!

06th You Still Have To Know How To Play

06th More On Refactoring & Test Assurance

06th Should I Run All Tests After Every Refactoring?

03rd Software Craftsmanship 2009 - Half-Full Already

01st Even Amazon Screw Up Occasionally

Nov 2008

28th When Will Managers Start Admitting That Skill Is A Major Factor?

26th Software Craftsmanship 2009 Mini-site Launched

23rd Craftsmanship On Stage. In The Booking Software? Not So Much...

19th Gorman's Law of Tacit Architecture

18th Software Craftsmanship 2009 Request For Session Proposals

17th We're Doing Agile. So Why Is Our Code Still Crap?

10th Comparing The OT99 Programme To SPA2009

10th SPA 2009 - Scalable .NET Code Reviews

09th Software Craftsmanship 2009 - What's It All About?

06th How Much Cheese Would It Take To Sink An Elephant?

04th Predictably Irrational On Holiday (Again)

Oct 2008

29th David Tennant Quitting Dr Who

29th Aspect-Oriented Programming On The Cheap

28th Software Craftsmanship 2009 - Conference In Development

26th Outsourcing The "Build Phase"

24th Example Agile Quality Assurance Strategy

24th Could A Recession Open up The Market For High Quality "Boutique" Software Development?

23rd Will The Credit Crunch Crunch Quality?

23rd Writing Thread-safe Code - What Can Go Wrong With Multithreaded Logic?

23rd Multithreaded Unit Testing Utility for .NET

22nd Concutest - Framework for Testing Multithreaded Java

22nd Musings On Testing Multithreaded Logic

21st Software Development Is Not "Office Work"

21st Reality? What Reality?

14th The WAgile Software Development Life Cycle

13th Productive Teams Are Business Assets. Recognise Your Investment In Building Them.

13th Draft Article - Managing Software Dependencies - Lessons From The Credit Crunch

10th Surviving Mock Abuse - My Entirely Arbitrary & Unproven Guidelines For Safe Mocking

09th Projects Rarely Fail For Technical Reasons?

07th Sylvester McCoy Is Actually The 7th Doctor

07th CITCON Europe 2008 - In Brief

Sep 2008

30th New XP Practice: "Actually Doing It"

27th Damning With Faint Praise

27th Name That Language - UPDATED

24th We're All Apprentices - But Only Some Of Us Know It

22nd Small World

20th SPI - "Software People Inspiring"

19th So Much For The Free Market

17th Clear Up Misunderstandings - Get Practical

16th Test-driven Enterprise Architecture

10th And People Say My Interviews Are Tough...

09th Targeted Marketing (Or Not)

08th Continuous Recruitment & Hoarding Talent

05th Mock Objects in the Movies

04th New Book In Progress - Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided By Tests

02nd "I need someone to program me a new OS"

02nd Last Call for SPA 2009 Submissions

Aug 2008

31st Totally Test-driven Scrum Delivers Better Objectivity In Measuring Real Progress

31st The Holy Grail of Realtime Feedback

29th I Need To Know EVERYTHING

26th [jobs] TDD Coach. New York State.

20th Software vs. Comedy

20th UPDATE: Who Writes Nester?

18th Software Architect Required To Start Monday

16th Agile Design Training Course - Launched Today

13th Falling Between The Cracks - When Your Processes Don't Allow You To Adapt

13th Address The Mindset Rather Than The Decision

08th Trust + Realism - Two Essential Qualities For Successful Project Teams

05th Tests Are Instances Of Rules

04th Minicab Firm Makes Frightening Admission

02nd Software Developers Make Bad Customers

Jul 2008

28th PowerPoint Jockey Required

23rd Ever-Decreasing Cycles - Draft Article

21st Video Conferencing

15th Au Revoir, BBC. It's Been Great.

10th Patrick Smacchia's Write-Up On Detecting Untested New/Changed Code

09th Finding Untested New Or Changed Methods Using NDepend

08th Holistically Speaking...

08th Identifying High Risk .NET Code With NDepend

07th Agile Governance Game - Recap

06th Dr Who Series Finale Thank You

Jun 2008

29th The World Has Finally Gone Mad

23rd Self-Directed Learning & A New Direction for Little Old Me

21st "Don't You Know Who I Am?"

19th miniSPA 2008

16th Pro-Waterfall Rant Highlights Nature Of The Delusion

16th Back To Work

09th Catching Up With

05th Challenging The Waterfall Delusion

04th Dynamic Languages, Substitutability & Unreused Abstractions

04th Mobile Computing Finally Arrives At Casa Gorman

May 2008

30th The Most Buzzword-Loaded Company Name Ever?

30th Thanks To Matt Wynne

30th Waterfall vs. Sheep Worrying - Which Looks Worse On A CV?

28th Want Lasting Change? Focus On Culture & Values

27th Information Systems Aren't Always Software

22nd Everything Is Agile. Agile Is Everything.

20th Satisfying Your Users Is Like Satisfying Your Lover

17th Rushing Your Code (An Illustrated Metaphor)

16th UML Is Alive And Well (And On A Whiteboard Near You)

15th User Interfaces Are A Graphical Domain-Specific Language

09th Tackling Quality At Board Level - Removing The Rose-Tinted Glasses

08th Executable Acceptance Tests Could Drive Development Rather Than UI Mock-ups

07th ASP.NET Encourages Procedural UI Coding?

03rd Another Post-Agile Job Advertisement

Apr 2008

30th Freelancers Are People Too

29th Conservation of Difficulty

25th Dependency Rejection

23rd My "Simple" 30-Minute Project Was Delivered 10 Minutes Late

22nd Test-driven Development Illustrated for .NET

22nd Blog's 3rd Birthday

22nd Father & Daughter Discover Weather Reports Little Better Than Chance

22nd My School

18th Let's Get It Straight, Shall We?

18th Keep Design Sessions Focused "In The Now"

14th Same Old Same Old - Most Projects Suffer The Same Ailments

12th Agile Viral With - er - Interesting Production Values

11th Phase Transition Illustrates Waterfall-Agile (or is it "WAgile")?

07th Media Giant Seeks Talented Post-Agile .NET Professionals (London, UK)

06th Promote Your Software Industry Event

04th Another Continuous Background Testing Tool

04th Feynman Lectures Available Online

02nd Inversion of Control - Are We Sweeping Dependencies Under the Carpet?

02nd RE: The Future of TDD

01st The Future Of TDD - Real-Time Feedback As You Type?

Mar 2008

31st Code Usability Testing

30th Should Our Economy Be Based On Invention?

28th Where's The Passion

27th RE: Would Developers Take More Care..?

27th Do Software Developers Need A Muse?

26th Would Developers Take More Care If They Knew THEY Will Be Maintaining The Code?

26th Test ASSURANCE Is The Real Goal

24th Architects with a Capital "A" - You Work In Sales

20th Inspired By Inspiration

16th Scrum Delivers Nothing

15th Zappa On Movements

11th Test Code Is Production Code, And Test Coders Are Developers

10th Patterns vs. Principles = Recall vs. Insight

07th Beaten By Bad Bean Burger

05th Elephant In The Room - Sanitized, Apolitical Fairytale Version

04th The Elephant In The Room

01st Customers: Your Software Sucks. So Why Don't You Care?

Feb 2008

29th Estimating: Another Bloody Golf Analogy

28th Earning vs. Learning

27th Speed Comes Later. Start Slow. Focus On Getting It Right.

27th Quality Trends Can Reveal Inadequate Refactoring Effort

26th Return Of The Son Of Project Voodoo

25th Google Trends Reveals Falling Interest in XP

23rd Agile Dance Number Caught On Video

22nd Is Software Developer Certification Already Here?

21st Would File Compression Reveal Extent Of Code Duplication?

20th Kinetic Consultants Are Not For The Faint-Hearted

19th Write All Your Logic In JavaScript and SQL (And Other Really Bad Ideas)

18th I Most Certainly Do Not Condone 2-Tier Client-Server

16th .NET Build Engineer Required, London, UK

14th The Limits Of Unit Testing Are No Excuse For Skimping

13th Can't Code, Won't Code - The Shortest Technical Interview.

12th Test-driven Object-Relational Persistence

11th Simple Object Persistence - When, Goddamit?!

08th Lack Of Test Coverage Guarantees Lack Of Test Assurance

06th Scrum vs. Gorman - It's War! (According To Some)

06th Suggestion For Class Repackaging Tool

05th Putting Words In My Mouth - I Never Said That Scrum Doesn't Work

05th Have You Caught The Scrum-Pox Yet?

04th You Cannot Buy Training Anywhere Else

Jan 2008

30th "People Who Know Nothing"

29th Me To A "T"

29th "Are We Doing Too Much Refactoring?" - I'll Give You 3 Guesses

28th Don't Rely On Database Technology For Sorting & Searching

28th How Scrum Spreads - The Scrum Viral Life Cycle

25th CV Faux Pas

25th The Secret Of Great Cooking Is Good Ingredients

24th Poor Tool Support Discourages Package Architecture Optimisation

23rd Virus-Induced Antiwork - If You're Infectious, Stay Home!

22nd Consultants Are Placebos

21st Architecture vs. Design - An Artificial Distinction?

19th Domain-Specific Languages: The Big, Dirty Secret

18th The Business Case For Quality - Shouldn't We All Know This By Now?

17th SOA Dependency Management Principles

16th Test-driven Workspace Design

16th Visual Modeling of Regular Expressions

15th UML Jokes? You Must Be Kidding!

14th Fancy Some Agile Coaching Work In The Chicago Suburbs?

14th Proof That Value Has Little To Do With Quality?

11th Response To My Post About Crappy Code in Crap4J

09th Crimes Against Usability - Windows Vista & Office 2007

09th Crap4J Contains Long Methods

08th Measurement Can Cause Loss Of Swagger

07th SOA Doesn't Work In A Disjointed Enterprise

04th Are The Barriers To Excellence Really Where We Think They are?

04th Post-Post-Agile Response from CEO of NetObjectives

03rd Detecting Code Smells - Requires Formal Definitions?

02nd Post-Post-Agile

Dec 2007

27th New Year's Resolution? Raise The Quality Bar

21st Christmas Is Coming!

18th Schools of Package Architecture - An Illustration

18th Resist The Pressure of Arbitrary Deadlines - A Christmas Message

17th Project Quality Charter - Setting Out To Deliver Quality

14th Complex Jobs Are Not Suited To CVs or Time Tracking

13th Agile 2008 Open For Submissions

12th More Places Where Bugs Can Hide

10th Socks Go In The Sock Draw (And Other Approaches To Package Architecture)

07th Want To Scale Up Agile? Learn To Let Go.

07th Unified Principles of Dependency Management & An Explanation of the Value of High Test Coverage

06th Shorter Methods Helps Localise The Ripple Effect

05th How Do You Eat An Elephant? (The Surreal Version)

03rd Mutation Testing Drives A Bus Through the Gaps Between Your Code And Your Tests

Nov 2007

30th Hell Is Other Architects

29th News From XPDay 07!

29th What Happened at XPDay 07?

29th Containment & Delegation vs. Implementation Inheritence - The Proof?

28th Unifying Package & Type Dependency Metrics

27th Class Distance From The Main Sequence

27th Quality Cultures Are Often Products Of Developer Disobedience

26th I Am The World's Greatest Software Developer

21st Postcard From Fuerteventura #2

19th My Tip for a Perfect Holiday - Frosted Beer Glasses

14th Test-driven Development Is Not About Testing

13th How Good Are Your Unit Tests?

12th Example Design Quality Review

09th Quantum Scheduling (with Joel On Drums)

08th Schrodinger's Plan

06th Enterprise-scale Reuse - An Illustrated Example

06th Latency Is the Price Of Agility

05th SPI - The Teams Make It Happen. Not The Consultants.

02nd Things We Know We Should Do That Nobody Wants To Pay For

01st Does Automating Metrics Help For Comparing Apples With Apples?

Oct 2007

31st Bonfire Night For Beginners

31st Conflict Is Good (Within Reason)

30th Fleshing Out A Reusable Code Model for Analysis & Metrics

24th SOA Design Metric - Lack of Cohesion of Services

23rd How Dependency Inversion Works

22nd Dependency Management & Relative Cost of Change

22nd You Are All Crap (And Other Dashboard Faux Pas)

18th Formal Code Inspections in a Post-Agile World

17th How Much "Almost Perfect" Code Can A Team Deliver In A Day?

17th Blog Archive Restored

16th Business-Critical Means Quality-Critical

12th How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

12th Reused Code Is Less Likely To Need To Change

09th What Makes Abstractions Less Likely To Change?

05th We All Need A Bit Of Anarchy

04th Test-driven Kitchen Design

02nd Package Afferent Couplings & Normalised Distance from Main Sequence - Simulation #2

01st Change Propagation Simulation

Sep 2007

27th - Be Part of the First 100

25th I'm a Born-Again Architect

24th XPDay 2007

21st First Post-Agile Job Requirement

21st Getting The Most Test Coverage With The Least Test Code

17th Architect as Tester - using xUnit to Test Design Quality

13th Reused Abstractions & Probability of Change

13th More Money Than Sense

12th Change Propagation Probability Metric

11th Dependency Management - A Thought Experiment

10th A Great Idea

09th Shameless Plug

07th How To Do 2-Tier Client/Server Using NHibernate

06th Singletons Done Safely

06th Agile Practitioner's Forum - Thank You

05th The Surest Way To Fail

04th Cost of Change Curve Is Really A Spectrum?

03rd 10 Software Development No-Brainers

Aug 2007

23rd More People Who Care About Software

23rd Agile 2007 - Fun With Statistics

22nd Towards A Unified Model of Dependency Management

20th Agile Testing Webinar

20th Agile Architects, Agile 2007 and Post-Agile Credentials

06th Feedback-driven Development

03rd Is "Productivity" Incompatible With Innovation?

01st Economical, Iterative & Feedback-driven Software Development

Jul 2007

31st "Ideal Engineering Day" - Surely an Oxymoron?

30th Who Cares About Software?

30th Original Sin - Hiring The Wrong People

27th Guillaume Bertrand's Refactored Refactorbot


27th My Three Top Project Requirements

26th Your Dream Job

26th Innovation Is Not "Work"

26th Not Underwater - But Thanks For Asking

20th Refactorbot Discovers Better Solution

19th OO Design Challenge - Worked Solution

18th Open Source Metrics Database Reveals Code Growth Curve

17th I Care About Software

16th Hiring - Wait For "Mr Right" Or Compromise?

13th The Agile Architect

11th Galaxy Zoo

11th UI Design Happens AFTER You've Understood The Logic

10th Refactoring Is Not An Optional Extra

09th Client Seeks Design Authority

09th OO Design Challenge

01st "Too Much Testing". Grrr!

Jun 2007

29th Agile In St. Petersburg

29th Gambling On Outsourcing - Metrics Can Help

27th Undesigning

22nd Where Are They Now?

22nd Code Ageing - An Open Experiment

21st Reused Abstractions & NDepend

21st Agile Practitioners Forum - Thank You

20th Meetings Make You Stupid

19th Time To Move On?

18th Brownfield or Greenfield? - A Proposed Formula

14th Post-Agile Manifesto

14th Offshoring Joke

14th Social Cohesion in the Agile Alliance

12th Don't Waste Time Agonising Over Decisions

11th Microsoft vs TestDriven.NET - The Saga Continues

10th Slug Fulfillment

06th Delivering On Time != Project Success

02nd Exploratory Testing Explained

01st Should We Expose IT Follies?

May 2007

31st Take Your Time If You Want To Go Faster

29th Is The Agile Community A Clique?

29th Governance - Build On Existing Code or Start Afresh?

22nd Talking Of Quality...

22nd How Buggy Is My Code?

15th Podcast #2 - Interview with Ivar Jacobson

14th Agile Practitioners Forum

12th What Is Developer Testing?

10th Update On Book Topic Poll

09th Post-Agilism Explained (Pretentiously)

08th What Book Should I Write?

04th We Can Always Do Better

03rd Usability Gaff

01st "Balanced Anarchy" & Web 2.0

Apr 2007

30th Temple Of The Sun (Microsystems)

29th Mouse Brain Simulation Breakthrough

27th AJAX Tool Triggers 2-tier Flashback

24th "Cutting Edge" Is So Last Year

23rd "Good Enough" Really Means "Almost Perfect"

20th Metrics Tool Highlights Code Aging

17th Agile Design Course

17th Podcast Technical Questions Answered

16th Pilot Podcast - Agile Testing

13th Google Maps - Directions From New York to London

13th Battleship Game Mirrors Innovation Strategies

12th Can Citizendium Succeed?

11th Even Waterfall Teams Do "Agile"

11th Scientists Expose 'Multitaskers'

10th "Universal Markup Language"

10th The Podcast IS Coming!

07th Software Development Doesn't Scale

06th Microsoft Word Creator Headed for Space Station

05th Growth Curve Applies To "Living" Code

05th Triangulation Patterns

04th A Good Point Badly Made

04th UML Associations Demystified (Maybe)

03rd EMI To Unlock iTunes Downloads

02nd Don't Be In Such A Hurry

01st Agile Film Buzz At SPA 2007

Mar 2007

27th Death Threats Rattle Tech Blogger

27th Agile Alliance on Certification

22nd Successful Applications Had Better Be Good Enough

21st Process Voodoo - Write It Down and They Will Do It

21st Sessions I'm Sadly Missing At SPA 2007

20th Maintenance Turns Back The Clock

18th Robert Martin on Agile Design

16th Red Nose Day

15th Agile House Building

15th Flawed Innovation Advice

14th Open Application Lifecycle Mangement - The Journey Begins

09th Zachman Framework Has Military Origin

09th 10 Common Use Case Pitfalls

08th Designs End Up Messy With Slob Coders

08th Pet Pics Block SPAM-bots

07th OO Metrics - Measuring Package Cohesion

07th Code Generation 2007

06th Visual Technique for Prioritising Plans

Feb 2007

27th Bad Use Case Advice

26th Professionals Don't Just Say "Yes"

23rd Teaching Robots Tests Our Real Understanding

21st How To Win Design Arguments

21st Software Aging & Portfolio Management

20th ID Card Feature Creep Has Already Started

18th Bad Technical Support from Virgin Media

18th Cut Gun Crime - Make Carrying Guns Uncool

16th A Short Story About Goals

15th Milestone Misunderstanding

15th Podcasts

15th Software Process Engineering - Shampoo For Men?

14th Inescapable Fact #1 - Code Does Not Write Itself

14th Clickety Clack - The Sound of Nothing Happening

12th Computing in 2047

09th Behaviour-driven Development - Wheel-driven Reinvention?

05th Mac Attacked

02nd Now That's What I Call A Party!

01st More 'No Design' Bulls**t

01st It Pays To Wait

Jan 2007

31st Cathedrals & Architects

31st UML - Does It Make Problems Easier To Spot?

31st Metrics Speak - So Be Careful What You Wish For

30th Pinko Commie Liberals

25th How IT Recruitment Works

25th Recognising Agility

25th Milestones & Objectivity

24th Flip For It

24th It's Snow Joke

23rd Architecture vs. Architects

21st Architects!

19th Productivity Problem

19th Continuous Refactoring Boosts Productivity

17th Time

16th Authoring Tools for Process Guidance

10th Keep Your Domain Model Clean

08th Post-Agilism - Beyond Usability

03rd Do I Practice What I Preach?

Dec 2006

31st UML + Mind Map = Added Value?

29th Use Cases Tutorial Corrections

28th Enemy Of Bureaucracy

21st OOA/D (not necessarily) using UML

21st XML Files - No Free Lunch

21st Object-Relational Test Coverage - No Free Lunch

19th Corridors Of Power(walking)

18th MODELS 2007

18th Agilian 1.0 for Agile Modelers

18th Documentation Tips

17th 'Weak' Leadership Takes Real Guts

14th "On Average..."

13th Project Charters - Chicken & Egg.

13th Baby. Bathwater. Etc.

13th Low-Hanging Fruit Blind Spot

12th Falling Between the Cracks

11th Unambiguous Specification?

08th Right-Brainer

Nov 2006

30th Code Tamagotchi

30th Work! (What Is It Good For?)

30th Agile Narratives

30th Dilbert & Six Sigma

30th Code Aging & The Grand Canyon Effect

24th La La La. I'm Not Listening.

22nd Test-driven Development - A Programmer's Prerogative?

22nd UML Pantomime - Lost In Translation?

17th Multitasking 'Makes You Stupid'

17th The Myth Of 'No Design'

14th Free UML for .NET & Java Downloads

14th Code Tremors - Examples

09th Code Tremors

09th Three Not-Blind-Any-More Mice

08th Kent Beck - Mapping XP

08th Agile Governance at XTC - Quick Thanks

06th Interface Segregation Question

03rd Blair "Born Again" On Science

02nd Murder Your Darlings

02nd Multitaskers!

01st Embrace Reality

Oct 2006

31st Software That Actually Works

27th Radio Quality

26th Modeling Unit Tests in UML

26th Evolutionary Re-Engineering

25th Strict vs. Pseudo-Evolutionary Design

24th Exploratory Testing - Not Just A Reason To Have Testers

23rd Agile Governance - Nov 7th, London

22nd Agile Backlash Article

20th Daily Stand-ups & Continuous Integration

19th Whose Design Is It Anyway?

18th Unspoken Rules & Delusional Plans

18th Consensus Management - Why It Doesn't Scale

17th Antony Gorman's WOPR

14th Exploratory Testing & Reverse Engineering

14th Use Cases - An Introduction

12th Reality Org Chart

12th Use Cases & Scenarios

11th Beware Of UI Prototypes

10th Impossible Models

10th Documentation As A Side-Effect of Design

07th Complete UML for Java Course Available

07th Where 2.0, Guv?

06th Tom Gilb's 3 Golden Rules

06th In The Garden. Eating Worms.

03rd Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

02nd The Essence of Requirements Analysis

01st Free UML for .NET Download Available

Sep 2006

29th Age Before Beauty?

28th Madness

28th Tom DeMarco On The 3 Golden Rules

27th Tactile Modeling

27th Steve McConnell On The 3 Golden Rules

26th Shut Up And Show Us Some UML

25th The Waterfall Delusion

22nd Product Management Game

21st Nonlinear Product Management

21st Why Do Defects Cluster?

20th Strategy & Traction

19th Worth Building? Worth testing!

19th Predictability - Red Herring?

19th Speaking My Language

16th Agile Governance - Sept 14th

16th Backing The Winner?

15th Good Governance

14th Agile Governance Guide - Draft

13th New Agile Forum

06th Agile Touring

02nd From The Train

Aug 2006

29th Comparing Project Plans

27th What Is Leadership?

26th Agile Governance - August 24th Feedback

25th Good vs. Bad Variation - How Can We Know?

25th Good vs Bad Project Plans

22nd Code Aging & Stool Analysis

22nd Another Day, Another Public Sector IT Fiasco

21st Quality Falsehoods

19th 22% In Favour of Excessive iPod Factory Hours

18th Terror Suspects - Place Your Bets

17th Factors in Code Aging

16th Value Statements

15th Code Half-Life

14th Proof God Exists

12th miniSPA Report & Pictures

04th Nonlinear Dieting

Jul 2006

31st Software Visualisation

28th OOD Master Class - Feedback from July 27th

28th Agile Leadership & Other Nonsense

23rd Post-Agilism Draft Article

23rd Outdated Work Ethic

22nd OO Master Class - New Places Available

21st Teamwork & Groupthink

21st Blowing Hot Air

19th Chicken. Egg. Architecture. Code.

17th Homeostatis & Process Improvement

17th C# Generics & UML

14th Kent Beck's 3 Golden Values

14th miniSPA - London August 11th

14th Scott Ambler's 3 Golden Rules

14th 5 Places Where You Won't Find The Answer

14th Promote & Die

13th Three Golden Rules

13th Bug Fixes Stay Fixed

12th 5 Reasons Why I Won't Be Using Team System

12th Plan-driven Reuse (& Other Costly Mistakes)

11th Agile Metrics - More Thoughts

11th "nice 1000000 photo sex"

10th Feel The (Crash And) Burn

10th Never Mind The Quality. Feel The Entropy.

08th Agile Metrics Design - July 6th Feedback

04th Overheard In A Software Company

02nd Post-Agilism

02nd UML for Managers - June 29th Feedback

01st Capability In Pictures

01st Productivity and MOVE

Jun 2006

30th MOVE!

28th Winter e-Cademy Suggestions

26th Waiter, There's A Bug In My Soup

24th Early Zappa on

22nd What's In A Name?

21st Bug-free Part II - Building The Right Thing

17th Agile Metrics Design at Agile 2006

17th Agile Metrics Design - Feedback from June 15th

15th Ruby On Rails Is The New SmallTalk

15th New Refuctoring - Reflectoring

15th The Reused Abstractions Principle

11th Do Agile Methods Scale Up?

10th OOD Master Class - Feedback From June 8th

04th Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

May 2006

30th Software Pastel Improvement?

29th The Da Vinci Java Code

28th Bug-Free Part I - Building It Right

26th Disco Star Wars & Agile SOA

23rd Agile Enterprise Architecture

22nd Spike Milligan on Documentation

22nd What Is Capability?

22nd Complex Capability

19th Been There. Done That. Got Eaten Alive.

11th What Is Agile Governance?

07th Nonlinear Management - Games & Strategies

06th Updated OO Design Principles Presentation

05th Summer e-cademy

04th Testers & The Bottom Line

Apr 2006

29th Project Voodoo

29th Complexity Heads vs. Clockwork Heads

19th Beware! Stabilizers

03rd Cat Poetry & Architecture

02nd Mortgage-driven Development

01st Why Did I Quit Architecture?

Mar 2006

30th Process Voodoo

25th We Asked 100 Liars...

24th Just Following Orders

23rd The Next Train Arriving At Platform 3

18th Lighting Fires: The Science Of Megatrends

16th How do you fit a project manager into a cola bottle?

16th Labour Party Donors - Fun With Statistics

15th 10 Reasons Why Programming Is Like Drinking

15th Why Pay $$$Thousands?

13th Evolutionary Design Presentation

10th More Atrocious Customer Service

08th The Selfish Class

04th Waterfall Is BAD

02nd Evolution - The Secret Of Good Service

Feb 2006

25th I Am To Blame

24th Innovation & The Problem Tree

23rd AJAX - Don't Mention The Elephant !

23rd Motivational Speaker

20th Attack Of The Middlemen

19th Sleep On It

17th Political Incorrectness

16th Launch of University Program

15th Shut Up And Play Your Guitar

13th Mr Stupid

13th Any Old Iron?

09th Business Actors & System Actors

09th Are You An Entrepreneur?

08th Rain Dances & Placebos

07th Agile Coaching

07th So You Want A Java Architect, Then?

05th CHAOS Revisited

04th BT Exact Agile PR

02nd Hottest Skills for 2006

01st JOB: C# Developers, London - contract

01st JOB: Business Analyst, London - contract

Jan 2006

30th Spot The UML Bluffer

30th UML Puzzles Part II

27th Conference for Real Programmers

24th Management Cults & Memetic Viruses

20th So That's Cleared That Up, Then

18th Say What You See

17th Solution Space & Evolutionary Design

16th Emergent Enterprise Architecture

16th Unknowing The Unknowable

16th Are We There Yet?

15th UML Puzzles - Part I

14th Money Can't Buy You Luck

14th Sticking To Our Guns

13th Holism vs. Reductionism

13th Million Dollar Meme

12th Fad Diets & Old Wives Tales

12th Intelligent Designer Design

11th Climbing Mount Improbable

08th Tool Envy

07th Agile SPI Guinea Pigs

05th 2006 Training Portfolio

03rd Adaptive Tension & Memetic Engineering

02nd Pyramid Meme

02nd Lean Or Meme?

01st Engage Me

01st Reductionism vs. Complexity

01st Organisational Memetics

Dec 2005

30th Evolution vs. Eureka Moments

29th What Is "Agile"?

28th Six Sigma - It's Not Just Me, Then

22nd See Six Sigma & Die

22nd For The Last Time - Waterfall Doesn't Work !

20th Throw The Dice

19th Statistical Gravity

10th Equilibrium & Organisational Death

09th Agile Testing - Where's My Feedback, Dude?

07th Q. When Is A Service Not A Service?

06th Agile Maintenance

04th It's The People, Stupid!

02nd Oily Rags

01st OO Design Principles Exercises

Nov 2005

30th The Metrics Design Process

30th XPDay Update

25th XPDay 5 - Sneak Preview

25th Little Green Hackers?

23rd Adaptive Tension & Organisational Dysfunction

22nd Write The Code To Pass The Test !!!

22nd Martin Fowler - "Cannot Measure Productivity"

22nd Agile Scheduling & Estimating

22nd XPDay 5 - London, Nov 28th-29th

06th Vote For Your Favourite

01st Evolution & Adaptive Tension

Oct 2005

21st Software Process Improvement Process Improvement!

10th UML for .NET - 65% Discount for October!

Sep 2005

14th Agile Business Conference 2005

05th Apologies to Rob James

Aug 2005

14th Are We There Yet?

06th Agile Summer School

06th miniSPA 2005 Report

Jul 2005

27th More On Metrics

19th Better? Faster? Cheaper? - London, August 25th

12th How Agile Are We?

12th Software Development Meta-Model

Jun 2005

24th Achieving Streamlined Synergy By Reusing Agile Leveraging

21st OCL Tools For Learning

10th Software Development & The Economy

08th The Object Oriented Analysis & Design Process - Part I

05th Agile Software Process Improvement III

03rd Finding The Optimum Team Size

02nd XP 2005

May 2005

29th Agile Software Process Improvement II

21st Agile Software Process Improvement

02nd Agile Planning - Part III

01st Agile Planning - Part II

Apr 2005

30th Agile Planning - Part I

24th Object-Relational Mapping Patterns

23rd Test-driven Development & Off-shoring

23rd Process != UML != Documentation

20th Book Review - Head First Design Patterns

19th OCL Evaluator

16th Software Process Improvement - Refactoring The Way We Work

15th Programming Language Comparisons

15th UML for Managers Ch 5 - Latest

14th Constructors & Correctness

13th UML for .NET - Price Offer Ends Soon

12th Are you Agile? Where's your customer, then?

11th UML for Managers Chapter 5 Update

11th OCL Collections and UML Associations

10th Software Factories

10th Welcome to the blog