October 14, 2008

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The WAgile Software Development Life Cycle

I've had lots of emails from people asking for guidance on how to adopt a WAgile approach to software delivery.

WAgile, as all know, stands for "Waterfall-Agile", and is the pinnacle of dysfunctional development methodologies. Yes, folks: literally thousands of projects have failed the WAgile way, and - with the help of this handy cut-out-and-worship WAgile Software Development Life Cycle chart - yours could soon be following them.

The WAgile SDLC, yesterday

And don't forget to write lots of useless comments and completely meaningless tests, too. It's not essential, but every little helps.

And, hey, maybe when you look at this chart you'll realise that you're already doing WAgile. Lucky you! Failure is now imminent, and you can completely screw up, safe in the knowledge that following the WAgile process to the letter will completely exhonorate you of any professional responsibility.

Happy days are here again!

Posted 14 years, 5 months ago on October 14, 2008