January 2, 2008

...Learn TDD with Codemanship


Already people and companies are jumping on the Post-Agile bandwagon, and - just as it was with Agile - they seem to completely (and conveniently) miss the point.

Post-Agilism is doing what works for you in the absence of Process or Practice Dogma

For example, Lean is not necessarily, in of itself, Post-Agile. Nor is example-driven, or behaviour-driven, or tea-and-biscuit-driven software development. Choosing to follow one or more principles or practices because they work in your particular situation is.

Anyone offering to show you how to do "Post-Agile" software development evidently just doesn't get it. It's like running a seminar called "how to be an anarchist" - anyone who turns up has already failed the course.

So I am now officially Post-Post-Agile. Anarchy can be such hard work sometimes...

Posted 13 years, 7 months ago on January 2, 2008