July 30, 2007

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Who Cares About Software?

Well, I can name 20 people for a start:

Dr Sue Black
Guillaume Bertrand
Scott Barber
Simon Baker
Antony Gorman
Antony Marcano
Sameer Shaikh
Gus Power
Simon Kirk
Jonathan Kohl
Erkan Yilmaz
Milan Letic
Juan Arenas Marquez
Patrick Smacchia
Tom Gilb
Martin Jul
Capers Jones
Vinit Bhagwat
Jan Daniel Andersen

If you care about the software you help to create, and if what you do is more than a just a job to you, then please consider taking the pledge and letting the world know that you give a damn.
Posted 14 years, 11 months ago on July 30, 2007