April 16, 2007

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Pilot Podcast - Agile Testing

After some delays and false starts, the pilot parlezuml.com podcast is finally ready for download (MP3 22min36s)

Being a devotee of test-driven development, I chose Agile Testing as the theme for the first show, and I have interviews with three experts in this field.

Jonathan Kohl is a testing expert who hails from Calgary in Canada, and he speaks to me about exploratory testing, a practice that is gaining popularity among the Agile community.

Antony Marcano is a testing guru based here in the UK, who shares his thoughts on the whole business of testing on Agile projects.

Henry Seymer is an Agile tester who can still remember the hell of waterfall, and he gives his personal thoughts and experiences about going Agile and what it can do for you.

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If you want to send us your feedback and have it potentially included in the next podcast (fingers crossed there will be another one!), you can Skype us at parlezuml. Alternatively, just send your comments to jason@parlezuml.com

Posted 15 years, 8 months ago on April 16, 2007