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Chris Whitworth






Chris has been writing programs and making music for as long as he can remember; his first computer was an Acorn electron, and his first keyboard a Yamaha PSS-470. He lives near Cambridge, England and worries far too much about leaving the gas on.




“Big, warm pads and chiming arpeggios are two of the most common staples of classic electronica, and that’s where I started with this track. However, I’m also a sucker for modern dance production, four-to-the-floor bass drums and side-chain compressors, and so the track ended up in quite a different place to where I’d originally envisaged. It was produced in Ableton Live 8, using the built-in instruments and effects.”


Drift Again


“This is heavily inspired by track I wrote a number of years ago; I listened to a lot of drum’n’bass in the late 90s, and the original was written as an exercise in drum programming in Cubasis on a creakingly ancient Windows 95 machine. This reinterpretation is somewhat more laid back, and was put together in Ableton Live 8, built around a big Vangelis-style pad from Native Instruments Reaktor.”