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Lance Walton






I have been composing mostly baroque music since I was 14, with varying degrees of success. I now balance my time between being a father and partner, doing Scala development in investment banks and, of course, composition.


Fugue in D Major


“The Fugue in D Major was composed in the early 1990s using a sequencer called Dr T's KCS that ran on the Commodore Amiga. It is my second fugue and I wanted to develop a subject that was 'invented', rather than 'inspired' and also to experiment with greater modulation than I'd used in my first. Although the fugal technique is limited, I think I achieved my goal. The major influence is of course, J.S.Bach.”


Synthesizer arrangement by Jason Gorman:


“Inspired very much by the work of Wendy Carlos ("Switched On Bach") using Arturia Minimoog and Moog Modular virtual synths”