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Nagasaki Sound






Nagasaki Sound is an artist-driven mastering studio co-founded in 2010 by Steve Nagasaki. With an extensive background in broadcast media, sound design, audio production, and deejaying, the mastering studio was the perfect outlet to focus Steve's skills and passion for music and great sound. The mastering studio is geared towards modern independent artists and labels, attracting a clientele of rock, metal, electronic, and pop musicians from all over the world. Nagasaki Sound prices itself extremely competitively, with personal service and attention to each client's specific needs. Steve prefers to stay behind-the-scenes and let the studio work speak mostly for itself, which is why he made this bio so short, wrote it in the 3rd person, and left a bunch of cool stuff out. :) When not in the studio, you can often find him careening down the nearest mountain via board or bike.

On Mastering Music By Programmers


“The mastering concept for this album was unique for me in that it was the first time anyone's requested it be completed entirely in software. Usually clients are after the outboard analog gear and like knowing their music was run through processor 'XYZ' with the 'superfat, warm, analog tubes and stuff', so this was a cool challenge. Get a fat analog 70-80's electronic sound, minus the fat analog gear! While each track had slightly different plugins and settings, the 3 main plugs used on each were DMG Equality (eq), Virtual Tape Machines (for some analog feel), and Fabfilter Pro-L (limiter). The mastering session was processed within Pro Tools and final SRC and bit conversion by Sample Manager.”