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Brian P Hogan






Brian Hogan is an author, development editor at Pragmatic Bookshelf, web developer, and teacher from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He’s been developing web sites professionally since 1995 as a freelancer and consultant, building web applications using HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. He enjoys teaching and writing about technology, particularly web development and accessibility, and currently teaches introductory programming courses at a local technical college. He is the author of tmux: Productive Mouse Free Development, HTML5 and CSS3: Develop With Tomorrow’s Standards Today, and Web Development Recipes. When not hacking on code, he’s writing music, watching “The Simpsons,” or spending quality time with his wife and daughters.


Lonely Heart


“Lonely Heart was something that just came to me after throwing away three other tracks that sounded like I was trying too hard to get it right. I recorded the main melody on my iPhone first so I wouldn't forget it, and then recorded the complete song in about 3 hours using Ableton Live's Session view. My workflow is to lay out the song in clips on the session view and then record them to the arrangement view. This time I  found myself doing a lot more rearranging at the end, moving whole parts around, adding new transitions, and even adding a part. I can't really say where it draws its influences from because I've been listening to, and making, electronic music for a very long time. I've got a lot of musical influences, from classic rock to metal to early electronic stuff by Kraftwerk and early Depeche Mode. ”