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Jason Gorman






Jason is the founder of Music By Programmers. A code monkey since computers ran on steam, he now trains and coaches teams in the UK and Europe through his company Codemanship. Jason has played guitar for 25 years, and in his spare time creates music your mother wouldn’t like under the name Apes With Hobbies.




“This track sort of grew organically - which is a polite way of saying that I didn't have a plan. There's a range of virtual synths on this - many from Arturia's V Collection - and the ambient opening is mostly Native Instruments Absynth. Drums and percussion courtesy of Spectrasonic's Stylus RMX. There's some trademark Apes With Hobbies weirdness going on, so this is a little bit prog in places. Sorry - I just can't help myself. Just consider us lucky I didn't add a 10-minute guitar solo.”




“This track was created almost entirely using Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 virtual analog synthesizer, aside from the drums (done using Arturia's Spark drum machine) and some pretty wacky aethereal reverb effects in the break. This track was inspired by artists who favoured a more rhythmic, poppy approach to electronica like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Thomas Dolby. The title is both a reference to the "golden age" of electronica and home computing, as well as Dolby's "Golden Age Of Wireless" album”