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Peter Camfield






Peter Camfield is a developer with 15 years professional experience. His father unexpectedly brought home a Sinclair ZX81 and he has been programming computers ever since. Music is also one of Pete’s passions. In the 90’s he hit the heady heights of recording a Peel session and released a single on lovely 12” purple vinyl.




“When you think computer music one band springs immediately to mind. I am of course talking about Kraftwerk. Their track Computer World was used on the opening credits to the early eighties BBC TV Series ‘The Computer Programme’. With inspiration covered the next step was to dust off my midi controller and figure out how on earth to make some music. I downloaded the DM1 app, which is a rather good drum machine and used my morning commutes to put down the basis of the song. Good old GarageBand was used to assemble the rest of the track.”