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Bletchley Park supporters are donating one day’s pay on Sept 16th. Join us.


63 minutes of glorious highlights from the show, starring Punt & Dennis, John Finnemore, Maggie Philbin, Richard Herring, Robin Ince, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Laurence & Gus, Robert Llewellyn, James Bachman Johnny Ball & Stephen Fry.


All profits go to help Bletchley Park


The Official Boffoonery! Audio Download


Original sketches by James Cary. Directed and audio-produced by David Tyler (Pozzitive Television). Produced for the stage by Bethan Richards. Executive producer - Jason Gorman.


© Bletchley Park Trust 2010

A comedy celebration of codebreaking, cryptography, computing and those brilliant boffins of Bletchley Park, performed at The Bloomsbury Theatre, Nov 3rd 2009. Featuring the cream of British comedy, plus brand new sketches written exclusively for Boffoonery. A truly cracking evening!